Throwback Thursday Video Templates for Instagram

Throwback graphic video template

So, a few months ago I was assigned a really fun project at work, which was to design video templates for Throwback Thursday. With so much great vintage content of Charles Stanley it was time to do something great with it, so I dove in head first. It also gave me a chance to get back to a part of my own process that I love, which is making a mood board. I try to do some kind of mood board and sketch before any project, but as any creative can attest, sometimes there’s no time. Clients need their work, deadlines have to be met, and unfortunately we end up rushing and throwing something together…sometimes. However, when I look back at my best projects they all have something in common: Mood boards, and sketching. This isn’t new, I hear it time and time again at conferences, but there is something about getting away from the task at hand and just sketching an idea, or finding inspiration in the color choices made by some film in the 70’s. I made a mood board for these video templates, and looked at everything from vintage broadcast graphics, old patterns and posters, and  we were all proud of the end result. Take a look, and to learn more go to: All images © In Touch Ministries