Declaring Glory … 2018 & Beyond

2018 Year end brochure

Instead of formal annual reports each year, In Touch started doing something different. Now, at the conclusion of every year I design a year-end mailing. There are info graphics, and a few financial points that are critical for any mailing of this type. However, we strive to focus on what God has done, and what he is doing in the ministry.  Each year there are so many stories, and new advancements being made, from new partners, to new technologies. It is overwhelming at times to be a part it, and when I work on this piece each year the greatest challenge is the information. Every story, number, or new partner, needs to stand out on its own, and yet still live comfortably within the design. I love bold simple colors, and I used some patterns to convey a sense of movement, but also at times to break up the layout a bit. Also, the font, BC Steiner is definitely a favorite of mine!  To learn more go to: All images © In Touch Ministries

2018 year end brochure 2018 year end brochure