Rethinking a classic: Designing a sermon series for the Prodigal Son

design for Prodigal son sermon series

welcome home parable of the prodigal sermon art

Some projects are easier than others. They lend themselves to great design. But designing sermon art for Dr. Stanley’s new series on the Prodigal Son was a challenge. I spent a lot of time thinking of new visual directions—a fresher direction, other than a road, and staged photography. Do I bring in the pig pen where the son ends up? What about the brother? He wasn’t exactly perfect either. In the end, I went with something classic, but gave it a fresher look. There’s no roads, or some hidden visuals (which I think are awesome) just an etching placing the focus right where it belongs. The father’s expression is my favorite part. It was such a fun project! To learn more go to: All images © In Touch Ministries.

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